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What People are Saying About Lindfield Victorian House Museum

"Few museums, anywhere in the world are as captivating as this one."
- Parktown and Westcliff Heritage Trust


"Lindfield House has to be one of Joburg’s best-kept secrets and one of my all-time
favourite finds!"

- Joburg's Darlin blog


"A unique feature of 'Lindfield' is the comprehensive nature of its contents: each room on show is fully furnished and equipped, just as it would have been when the house was first lived in."
- Amethyst Guide to Johannesburg


“...a fascinating tour by Katharine Love who herself is an educated, articulate and delightful person with an amazing knowledge of the Victorian era and is able to transport her guests back down the years. Lindfield is a beautiful quaint home full of interesting treasures."
- The Victorian Garden

"Totally unique experience..."
- Travels with the Joburg tour guide


"The experience is absolutely spellbinding, fascinating and creepy in a really wonderful kind of way.  I cannot recommend her tours enough."
- Camilla, Ameezing blog


"One almost expects to hear the voices of those who may just have left the self-same rooms only just seconds before you are entering them!"
- Liz Wallis


"Grasping the details of life just a century ago becomes like looking into a fabulous, unbelievable other world."
- Arja Salafranca, Sunday Independent

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