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School Tours / Children: optional lesson for children

Get your learners / kids thinking about what life was like more than 100 years ago! Get the learners who are to attend a Lindfield Victorian House Museum tour, to complete the lesson before they arrive at the house. Learners can then bring their completed lessons with them on the tour. One lesson per group is fine! The download link for the lesson is further down this page.

Compare the past, present and future - a guide for educators or parents

This exercise is designed to prepare learners for their visit to Lindfield Victorian House Museum.  The exercise can also be used by parents, before bringing children to the house. The idea is to get learners or children excited about the tour and to get them to look more closely at their own home, and then the Lindfield house museum by comparison.  Some things that are likely to be different: room decoration, appliances: television and phones, light switches, calling card trays, stoves, refrigerators.  Some things that will be more or less the same: bed, chairs, kitchen sink.  Some things that will look different in the future: television, telephone, microwave, washing machine, general decor. Download the lesson here - it is available in two formats: MS Word or PDF (one A4 page)

Victorian school board
Victorian School
Victorian School
Victorian School
Victorian classroom
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